Monday, July 27, 2009

words unsaid .

ever felt like there was so much you wanted to say, but you couldn't get it out at that specific moment in time? and then.. right afterwards, all the words come rushing in at once and it has you thinking, "why didn't i say this? why didn't i tell em this?" then those questions turn into words unsaid because you don't get the chance to speak on it again.

when why didn't i tell you
turns into
i wish i would've told you
and then i wish i would've told you
results in
heart aches
and head aches
from thinking of things
i should've and could've said
this and that
or maybe that or this
now i'm hoping
i get another chance instead
i can reveal these words unsaid

but this wasn't supposed to be a poem, shit. this was just supposed to be some how i'm feeling shit, scribble it down shit.



  1. i love that "not poem" lol. and i deff feel you. sometimes i wanna punch myself in the head for not saying what i wanted to say at the moment.

  2. I understand . That "not poem" speaks many truths . && its always the shoulda coulda woulda's that make things complicated .

  3. thanks guys! i'm glad yall know where i'm coming from cause SHEESH i hate feeling this way!

    lol and yea, idk what was going on. i was just supposed to be babbling and just writing how i felt and i guess it did come out as a "not poem" lmao!

  4. mhm. that's a "not a poem" alright.

    it's a common thing with people i personally think, tip toeing on the brink of lying because you're maybe not telling someone the whole truth ya know.

    trust me, more than half of the social email's i send have me looking at the screen no more than five seconds later like .. "why didn't i speak on this/that.."

    you either get over it or used to it. choice is yours boo.

  5. yea, i understand what you mean.

    but it's not about lying for me though it's more so of thinking about everything i should have told him after the fact, you know? like everything i should've said come to me after everything was over.

    so yea. but can't go back and changed it ! i just know for next time, i'll be sure to get everything out lol