Saturday, August 1, 2009

blame it on me .

and another one. i see, i hear, i feel . . my perspective.

so there's this song: blame it on me by chrisette michelle ( love this woman; listen to her shit! ) basically i can understand where she's coming from in this song.

he tries to take the blame off of HIMSELF by blaming everything on HER. now this she's treating him right, doing for him, respecting him, loving him. . .just the whole fuckin nine yards, right ? but then she gets accused of being a liar, a cheater, or anything she could be accused of because he's in the wrong.

so the she gets worked up. she puts all of her energy trying to PROVE HER INNOCENCE because she's not doing anything wrong. . .but, that's the plan; that's exactly what he wants. he wants her to be frustrasted, annoyed, PISSED THE FUCK OFF because she isn't doing anything wrong. he wants to put the blame on her; take the focus off him.

but that's when she has to say FUCK IT. you know what? PUT THE BLAME ON ME. just "blame it on me. . .as long as it's over." but she's not a quitter. naw, she ain't no quitter. she just ain't got the time for fuckery, don't have time to deal with the bullshit anymore. she just ain't got the time to be to be the one who's mentally and emotionally drained because of some he's blaming her for the mistakes that he made.

you can say whatever you like
as long as we just say goodbye

blame it on me
say it’s my fault
say that i left you outside in the cold with a broken heart
i really don’t care
i ain’t cryin’ no more
say I’m a liar, a cheater say anything that you want
as long as it’s over

and when she knows she did all she possibly do, what else is there to possibly do?


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  1. sounds like a really good song .
    im about to listen to it .